Your wedding day is just that, YOUR DAY!


With "Something Moore Photography" I allow you to completely be yourself and focus on what matters most! Which is each other. No matter which wedding package you choose your style & your love for each other will always be the focus. As your photographer, it is my job to capture not only the special BIG moments, but also small subtle moments as well. We all LIVE for an amazing candid shot! Staged photos are always a priority, but the unexpected candid photos can make for a lifetime of laughs and/ or sentimental memories. After you and your fiancé say "I do" the day is going move so fast that it will become a blur. It's my responsibility to get your blurred moments in focus, so you can cherish them forever. In a nutshell, I allow you to go about your day, live in the moment & I handle the rest.


Prior to your big day, we will meet for an itinerary meeting so we can map out the entire day. We'll discuss times, locations & all the fine details such as; family portrait groupings, special request photos you desire & have seen on Pinterest, things or people with significant value that you want captured & so much more. It's not your job to worry about what photos or formalities are next on your wedding day. Leave that to us! The very next day you'll receive a 20+ photo sneak preview! 

The average cost for a wedding photographer is 10-15% of a couple’s total wedding budget, which is currently between $3,000 - $10,000 for 6 hours of coverage, for the average U.S couple. Our packages start at $2,000 for 6 hours of coverage & full print release rights & our top package caps at $3,850 for ALL DAY coverage. I am not here to break your bank! I'm here to provide a quality service at a reasonable rate & give you best damn photos EVER! So what are you waiting for? Click above to view our various galleries!

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The Process

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"Honestly, I'm just a kid that loves taking photos" - Dez

Sneak Peak...

24 hours after your wedding you'll receive a 20+ photo sneak preview! Editing an entire wedding to perfection takes time, but you shouldn't have to wait forever & a day to get a little sneak peak. So now the very next day you'll be able to view, share & post your a handful of your wedding photos!

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