The man behind the camera

Hello hi! My name is Dez & I'm a traveling wedding photographer serving PA, NY & NJ. I'm always in a new place, but I am not new to photography! Photography is my LIFE! The art of it, the challenge of it, but most importantly the people I am blessed to work with time & time again. Working one on one with clients, finding out who they are & where they come from has to be my favorite part of the job! But, getting to know me is also extremely important as well. Sooooo... What would you like to know? My dog "Samoa" is the love of life, my favorite drink is bourbon on the rocks, cookouts anytime of year are always a win, random rain showers while the sun is still shinning warms my heart, my go to TV show is "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia & Laffy Taffy jokes make me cackle out loud!! You may hear this a lot but, I DO NOT DO THIS FOR THE MONEY! I have a full time career that absolutely love outside of photography. So why am I a photographer? 

1. Because it's the only thing in this world that stops time

2. Because I truly love meeting new people & providing an amazing service for people that they will cherish it for a lifetime

3. Because not to sound cocky but, I am damn good at what I do because I love what I do! This ain't work for me! I'm just out here having fun.

Photoshoots of any kind should be a chill, yet an adventurous experience. With a huge background in singing, dancing & photography, I bleed art. Art is who I am & what we create when you book with my company. Thank you visiting my site! What to know more? Hit me up! 

Peace, Love & Creativity


Priceless Reactions

Be dedicated 

No photoshop needed! Real people, real moments, real memories!

Be silly

Be creative


Raw Photo

Outdoor lighting changes by the minute! Sunny turns to cloudy & cloudy turns to rain. No worries weather doesn't slow us down.

Edited Photo

We have the equipment & editing know how to bring back all the natural colors that the weather may have diminished.

Behind The Scenes

See me in action & see how what goes down before the final edit. I place you, I pose you & all you have to do is love each other or pretend to.

Final Edit

Knowing your equipment, perfecting your craft & being aware of your surroundings is 40% of this art. The other 60% is knowing the people you're working with & making them feel comfortable.


I promise to find & make art out of everything around me...


A simple CD flipped upside down just so happened to become the perfect ring shot background. Art is everywhere but, it is up to us to be creative with it.

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